Not a native Swedish speaker? No worries, we have put together a summary of our services for you, and our staff is used to working with students speaking English. Select the license you are interested in below to read more, or simply contact us and we will help you get started with your intended license.

AM license - Mopeds

The AM license is the most popular choice for those intending to drive a moped, since the license also gives you permission to drive a moped car or a so called a-tractor. There are a few prerequisites for starting an AM education. You need to be 14 years and 9 months old to start practice driving your AM vehicle, and you need to be 15 years old to take the final test and recieve your AM license.

Contact us to get started with your AM license. We start new courses regularly, all year aside from during the most heavy winter period.

B license - Cars

When someone tells us they want a driving license, this is the license they are referring to. The B license allows you to drive any regular car up to a certain weight limit (3500kg), at which point they start being called light trucks and later on even proper trucks. We’ve helped thousands take their B license over the years and can help you as well. Our teachers have a great amount of experience and work with individual planning, meaning that you’ll get a dynamic education plan that works just for you and your needs.

Getting your driving license should be a fun experience. Let us help you get yours.